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How To Make Your Own Furry Feet Paws for Coslplay, Halloween, or Everyday Wear! XD
Lqtm This was my first paw feet attempt for this Halloween! My entire costume included ears, a tail,and mitten paws along with these feet paws! I bought some cheap heels at the thrift store for the base because I love heels! ^-^ I'm not gonna lie, this project's tedious-ness can be alot to bare! But once your done cutting out the patterns and breaking out the hot glue gun, seeing your paws come together makes it all worth it!! :D

Posted by Linda S. from Los Angeles, California, United States • Published

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 1
    Step 1

    First, your gonna want to draw out a pattern for your toes. I got some construction paper and outlined my shoe, and from there drew four circles around it.
    * Tip - Draw the circles kind of on the outside of your foot. This will help stop your toes from tripping you as you walk Lqtm

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 2
    Step 2

    Using the paper pattern, trace the shape of the toes onto your foam. Cut out the shape all the way through the thickness of the foam. Once you got that done, start carving out the toes into their basic shape. The more you carve, the more you define the toes. BUT DON'T OVER DO IT! I kinda hollowed out the " Palm " (the area where the toes connect, but the top side of it) so that the toes stand out more. ( You don't have to do this, this was just my preference) This is what I came up with.

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now make another one. And of course your gonna hollow out the other end of the paw so that you shoe can fit in.

    * Tip - DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR SCRAPS! You'll need them for later ;3

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 4
    Step 4

    Ok, now after all that tedious carving, this step is alot less frustrating. Grab some duck tape and cover all the toes with it. The duck tape will act as a pattern to use for cutting the fur. Use a marker to label the left or right paw and which toes. Also draw an arrow in the direction you want your fur.

    * Tip - USE DUCK TAPE! Don't worry! It wont rip the foam and it's not hard to remove! it actually sticks alot like it would stick to a couch. (Assuming that you don't have a leather couch or something)

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 5
    Step 5

    Whether or not you want to add fur to the bottom of you paws is up to you. I choose not to have it, I think its a waste of good fur since I was gonna be stepping on it and getting it dirty. Plus, who's gonna as you to lift your foot to see the paw pads if you did the paw pads? No one! :3

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 6
    Step 6

    Well, I hope you saved your foam scraps! 'Cause here's where they come in! Grab you hot glue gun and foam pieces and start building the " Meat " of your paws. This step is kind of fun, almost like a puzzle. Keep building the paw until it matches the toes' size. Once your happy with the general thickness of it, wrap it all in duct tape. Don't forget to label it and draw the arrow!

  • Step 7

    No Picture, sorry :(

    So your paws are covered in duct tape, right? Good! Now you can get the patterns off this bad boy! Using a sharp cutting object, like an X-acto Knife, (I chose not to buy one and instead used my awesome Cutco Pairing knife!) carefully cut along the creases of the duct tape. I cut off each toe and left the rest of it as a whole. When cutting, keep in mind that the point of using the duct tape is to get the mold of the object, but still be able to lay it flat, to put up against the fabric for cutting. So, when cutting the toes, cut a line trough the center of the toe (like where the claw would be) so that the duct tape could lay flat onto the fur. Be careful!! Don't knick yourself and bleed over some supplies like I did!!

    * Tip - DO NOT CUT MORE THAN ONE LINE THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE TOE! If you do, the toe pattern will have 3 " Branches ". If this happens, when you lay it on the fur and cut it out, they will have mismatching directions of the fur. (sorry, it's just hard to explain. But TRUST ME, it will ruin you toe pattern!

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 8
    Step 8

    Now that your construction of you paws are done and you've got your pattern, its time to pick a pattern!
    I choose this one! It was calling my name x3

  • Step 9


    When cutting the patterns out, remember to leave a seam allowance. You can always trim off any extra fabric, but if you come up short, you may have to cut out a whole other pattern o.o

    * DO NOT USE SCISSORS!! Using scissors will trim down your fur and give it an unnatural look! Use your sharp object again, for the sake of your fur! D:

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 10
    Step 10

    Now the fun part!! Bust out your hot glue gun and start glueing the pieces together!! :D

  • How to make a pair of furry boots. Furry Paw Feet (Cosplay) - Step 11
    Step 11

    Words cannot describe the emotions I felt as I glued the final piece of fur onto my paws!! Go out and sport the beautiful paws for the world to see!!!! :DDD

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Dawnie · 2 projects
I meant last in my first comment instead of laugh.
Dawnie · 2 projects
Looks awesome! My only concern is that when I was playing soccer, I had bright orange cleats. So, I quickly (way too quickly if you asked me I really liked them) grew out of them and the only cleats that fit my feet were black ones. BORING black ones. So my sis and I got together and duck taped them and every one on my soccer team loved them. Unfortunately, by the end of the soccer season, most of the duck tape peeled off, so I am wondering how long the hot glue and duck tape would laugh. My shoe once broke in the middle off class and it was SO embarrassing.

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