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30 mins

Mop the floor as you walk. Easy to get into corners.
Multi-task so you clean as you walk around the house or put your favourite music on and do a workout on your floors and on yourself.

Posted by Rosie H. from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia • Published
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    I just cut apart a microfibre cleaning mitt and overlocked the edges so they wouldn't fray. Just running a line of glue around the edges might work too. I placed one of the microfibre pieces on the floor cleaning side down. I put a shoe on, placed my foot on top and measured the elastic from edge to edge of the tips (of the cloth underneath) across the toes and another piece of elastic to go around my heels. Cut the elastic and stitch where the measurement was made. My shoe mitts weren't as long as my shoes and I'm glad of that because it means I don't slip because my heels aren't covered by the cloth.I was hoping the rest of the family might find it fun to do as well, (alas).

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