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How to Make Your Own Matcha (Green Tea) Felt Badge!
I adapted the template for the coffee cup (from Naomi Tabatha's wonderful "Felt Friends from Japan" into a lovely green tea or "matcha" bowl (although I stitched on "o-cha" for Japanese tea), inspired by a memorable trip to Kyoto last year.

Definitely one of my fave felt badges so far! :)

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  • How to make a tea plushie. Felt Matcha (Green Tea) Badge - Step 1
    Step 1

    1. First, draw out your desired template for a Japanese tea (or "ocha") bowl and the necessary pieces of coloured felt as shown here.

    2. Cut out the felt pieces to your desired size. Check that you have enough black felt both for the bowl and outermost black felt backing, a light green oval for the tea and mottled grey felt for the first badge backing.

    3. Next, stitch the green oval (of tea within the bowl) using back stitch with matching green thread.

    4. Stitch on the name of the drink (I used "ocha" for Japanese tea here) onto the bowl. You may also adapt the design into a coffee cup by adding a handle for a coffee cup.

    5. Use the back stitch to sew along the inner outline of the bowl in black embroidery thread so that the black bowl is now stitched onto the mottled grey felt backing.

  • How to make a tea plushie. Felt Matcha (Green Tea) Badge - Step 2
    Step 2

    (Alright, this was a real surprise - and not really part of the steps, so do go on right ahead if you wish :))

    I turned the badge around after stitching the black tea bowl down only to find this lovely (although messy) outline which seems to fit in with the beautiful "wabi sabi" aesthetic of Japanese art, which was one of my main sources of inspiration for this badge, so I could not resist taking a snap. :)

  • How to make a tea plushie. Felt Matcha (Green Tea) Badge - Step 3
    Step 3

    Finally, glue the mottled grey felt backing onto the outermost black felt backing and - Voila!

    Optionally, you may sew on a small clip or pin to the back to use this as your portable badge or brooch, too.

    Enjoy your very therapeutic own cup of ocha (Japanese tea) or matcha (green tea)! :)

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