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So, this is a loooong and, now a days, an embarrasing story.

About 4 years ago I was requested to participate in a Big Brother Parody for a contest organized by my office. Like a little soap opera-Mexican version, we had the macho man, the quesadillas seller lady, a corrupted cop and...I was supposed to be a tabledancer in love with the macho man LOL!

The problem is that I was not able to find a Feather boa ANYWHERE!!! You know, whenever you need something and it simply doesn't appear.

So, I decided to make it... and I liked it a lot, but trust me, you need to do this with time, because my left thumb ended up full of wholes =S... I was needling in a hurry(laughs).

Now a days is embarrasing for me to remember this day, because it was an event to celebrate the CEO's birthday and now I report him his correspondence daily LOL!!!=S I'm sure he has forgotten it by now... but I simply don't =<.

I bought like two bags of dye feathers and started needling them to the strip of fabric one by one, leaving the less of wholes it was possible, if you opt to start needling in a spiral formation around the fabric it will end up like this one.

As many of my projects, this was more a matter of patience rather than a complicated project.

The second picture is from my daughter modeling the boa now a days, the third one, was my complete costume, sorry about the picture quality, I took a picture of the picture with my cell phone, as I don't have a scanner =S

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