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A small hat for silly occasions!
We had a silly hat day for Melboure cup at school and i deceided to make my own hat!!!

Take note, you can decorate it any way you want.

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  • Step 1

    Cut out a circle the size u want of the base of the hat out of black card

  • Step 2

    Then cut out a parallelogram (the height u want ur hat) also out of black card and roll it up untill the edges meet

    Sticky tape it together

  • Step 3

    Get the circle u cut out earlier and get the cilender get the smaller end of the cilender and trace it in the middle of the bottom of the circle

    cut it out (the drawn circle)

  • Step 4

    tape the cilender (smaller end down) to the circle in the hole u cut out

    colour in any holes u can see through the tape black

  • Step 5

    out of black card cut out a cicle one centermetre larger than the lage circle of the cilender

    cut little tabs one cm in all around that circle

    bend them in and slide them into the top of the hat stick on with tape

  • Step 6

    Get ur tea cups and glue them where ever u want (preferably on top)

  • Step 7

    Find ur ribbon and wrap around the base of ur hat and tie it up

    leave some excess to dangle down

  • Step 8

    cut another parallelogram out of white paper and roll up and leave for five minutes the unroll

    write somthing mad hatterish on it...i wrote:

    In Style 10/6

    slot (smaller side in) the ribbon if it was tied tight it will stay. if not add some glue

  • Step 9

    super glue or hot glue to a headband slightly to one side

    Note if it'd to heavey it may need some help with clips


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