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For an adorable little girls birthday
So I was all ready to make a pillowcase dress t for my friends daughter but came across an issue, no pillowcases...No biggie though I just cut out some pillowcase shaped squares and winged it. I was worried about it looking kinda cheap so I did two layers, in part because she's a red head and I didn't want it clashing with her hair or anything. I added some trim, and extra useless ribbon and little embroidered mushrooms at the bottom. Free form with a machine since I only had one night to do it in. I have poor planning skills. Anyway I guess I could write a quick how to later...but I don't have any process pictures really. So they'd either be drawn or just written out as confusing as that tends to get.

That last picture is her...I heart her so much. Eh he she turned 6. There was face painting.

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