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A happy fall wreath for your door!
I made this wreath from things I bought at the dollar store. I had to buy a glue gun, glue sticks and wire cutters, so my budget was a little higher than the subsequent wreaths I made. All in all, I ended up spending five dollars on the wreath and an additional three dollars on the wire cutters, hot glue gun and glue sticks, for a total of 8 dollars (and 48 cents in tax.)

I'm kind of on the fence about the teddy bear. He's cute, but I think the wreath would be a lot more sophisticated without him. But then again, he's a big hit with trick-or-treaters, so...

Again, sorry there's no pictures, I made this over a year ago when I moved in.

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  • Step 1

    First, take the flowers and their leaves (I think these are supposed to be sunflowers) off the stems. Liberate the fall leaves from their stems as well. (You could also just clip the stems short and attach the flowers and leaves to the wreath that way, which would eliminate the need for the hot glue.)

  • Step 2

    Next, tuck one end of the wire-reinforced ribbon into the wreath and wrap it around the wreath. When you're done wrapping, tuck the other end into the wreath as well.

  • Step 3

    Arrange the flowers and leaves as you like (I made a bunch of flowers and leaves in one area of the wreath, then scattered the rest across the wreath, but, of course, do whatever looks prettiest to you.) If you're using the teddy bear (or some other kind of Halloween decoration, maybe a black cat or a witch or a pumpkin, etc.), make sure to leave room for him to sit somewhere. I also stuffed the pumpkin costume on the teddy bear with tissues, to make it a little plumper-- it just looked kind of sad, otherwise.

    I hot glued everything on this wreath, but again, if you left the stems long, you could just slide them into the wreath.

  • Step 4

    Figure out where the top of your wreath is, then attach a piece of wire for a hanger.

    And you're done! A pretty fall/Halloween wreath for your neighbors to envy, and it probably cost you less than a cup of coffee and a scone at Starbucks!

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