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May not be the quickest project but they look great finished.
I was searching for ideas on how to make fake feathers.
I found a few that were a lot of glueing or took expensive materials.
This was the cheapest idea I found. Great for feathers to glue onto a mask.

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  • How to make a feather. Fake Feathers, Can Be Realistic (Not Fast) - Step 1
    Step 1

    I did this write up a while ago when My camera was down, I also did the example project then

    So I will probally go back and update this next time I am working on a feathered mask should be soon I need a black one for an event :)

    If your cutting from new fabric, You cut the lenght you want the feathers from the bolt, then cut the width in strips. I've tried one two and four layers stacked, depends on how fluffy you want the feathers really.

    The original project I found online had 1inch long 2 inch wide peices of diffrent colors, to make an owl sort of spotted feather. Much harder to handle while sewing. Exparimention is a great idea but I would start with one 2 layers thick practic feather so you can see how much work goes into each feather before you start a project...

    I've done some other feathers in diffrent materials, some with pipe cleaners in the center line of stiching it worked well.

    I got this Red sort of reflective fabric that made me Metalic red feathers, and I had this purple with blue sparkles that made metalic blue feathers... just look at where the fabric is already fraying to see what the feathers can look like in each. Fabrics the fray too easy make soft floppy feathers, thicker tighter fabircs make it hard to un weave so I setteled on Quilting fabrics. and the occasional holiday special occasions ones.



EstherC · Seattle, Washington, US · 10 projects
This is the same method of making feathers you see in two of my other projects photos on those may be more helpful.
It's Emilyyy
It's Emilyyy · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 10 projects
looks great!
btw you have a gorgeous model face Happy

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