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A tutorial on how to make fake cupcakes.
Whether you're taking these to the streets as part of a sweet art installation or just want to decorate a room, these cupcakes are not delicious, but they sure are sweet. Keep in mind that this is more of a field guide; feel free to make alterations to suit them to your fancy.

Here's how we made ours:

Posted by Jessie Oleson from Seattle, Washington, United States • Published See Jessie Oleson's 17 projects »

  • How to mold a clay cupcake. Fake Cupcakes - Step 1
    Step 1

    For the cake part: Mix plaster and water (usually 1 part each, but adjust to a pourable but thick consistency). You can mix up whatever quantity you'd like; generally we will do about 3-4 cups' worth at a time; with 4 ounce cupcake-cups, this will make about 8 or so cupcakes. Add a small bit of water-soluble paint (like a watery acrylic or gouache) in the color that you want the bottom part to be, and mix until the color is to the point you like it. Pour into the cups til they level off at the top.

  • How to mold a clay cupcake. Fake Cupcakes - Step 2
    Step 2

    Let these dry for an hour or so. It's ok to move on when they are hard, even if they are still slightly clammy to the touch.

  • How to mold a clay cupcake. Fake Cupcakes - Step 3
    Step 3

    For the frosting: Do the same plaster mix, but with whatever color you'd like for the frosting (we like pink best--so red paint). You can do slightly less, maybe 2/3 the amount that you used for the cake. Make this "batter" a little bit thicker though (by adding a little more plaster) so that it won't drip off of the sides when applied.

  • How to mold a clay cupcake. Fake Cupcakes - Step 4
    Step 4

    Using a spoon, gently put a spoonful on top of each cupcake, adding another spoonful to get a gentle "tiered" effect on the frosting, which will kind of melt into a pleasing cupcake frosting-y shape.

  • How to mold a clay cupcake. Fake Cupcakes - Step 5
    Step 5

    Optional for if you'd like to add messages: While still wet, insert toothpicks into center of frosting so that it will dry with the toothpick in. You can have the flags attached now or attach them later.

    Let them set overnight or until they're hard and dry.

    Now you're ready to place them on the street--or maybe just give them to friends--but whereever they end up, they're bound to make the world a little sweeter!

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Deeny! · Potsdam, New York, US · 12 projects
What a great idea! I wonder if you can make them with salt-dough instead...
Rough Draft Art
Rough Draft Art · South Bend, Indiana, US
Would be cute to make "sprinkles" by dropping little cylinder beads on the tops once the plaster starts to harden a little.
Roos · Nijmegen, Gelderland, NL · 7 projects
they look so real and nice!
josie j.
josie j. · Abington, Pennsylvania, US · 2 projects
mine took longer than an hour to dry....
KatieLikeMe · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 52 projects
Those look so realistic. I love them.
kellbear · 12 projects
i love them im deffo making some for my flat.^^ xox
Emily C.
Emily C. · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 4 projects
aww... i thought they were real!!! Happy haha
MacLovin♥x♥x♥ · 2 projects
What'd be cool, is if you made the bottom half hollow and the top as a lid - Mini Cake Pot!
Robyn · Rushden, England, GB
they would be adorable for like birthday gifts.
the cheap decorative way Happy
RADGina · 2 projects
What a great idea...too bad i dont have plaster Happy
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