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Easy Beanie + Versatile and you only need to know how to Single Crochet stitch!
I got this from the old Threadbanger episode so if your a visual learner watch the video in step 1 if you prefer following a pattern I'll post it in step to.
* This is Meg from threadbangers pattern
** The hat I made is for a child
This is a simple pattern that can be made is many styles. The only stitch you need to know is the single crochet stitch. This is really easy to adjust so feel free to play around with it!

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  • Step 1


    That's the link to the video for you Visual learners.
    * Originally on ThreadBanger

  • Step 2

    I used a 6mm hook but keep in mind the the bigger the hook the bigger the stiches.

    sl, ch8 put needle through first st to connect then sc 2sc in each

    1sc,1sc,1sc,2sc 1sc each 2sc each

    1sc in st 1-4, 2sc

    1 sc each

    1sc in st 1-5, 2sc

    1sc each

    1 sc in st 1-6,2sc

    1sc in st 1-7, 2sc

    1 sc in st 1-8, 2sc

    1 sc in st 1-9, 2sc

    1 sc in st 1-10, 2sc

    1 sc in st 1-11, 2sc

    1 sc in st 1-12, 2sc

    1sc in each (Continue until you get you desired depth)

    Closing method: sc,sc,sc, skip, sc sc,sc,sc,skip,skip

  • How to make a beanie. Easy Simple Beanie That Can Vary In Style (Sc Only!) - Step 3
    Step 3

    Rock your beanie.
    << This was made for a child but
    This beanie can fit all ages ( I belive) the Length/Depth just has to be adjusted. Imma make a more bohemian feel one for myself I will post pics.

    If you have any questions just ask

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Miranda K.
Miranda K.
Thanks for posting this! Im just learning to crochet and only have the single stitch in my arsenal so far!

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