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awsome studded headband!
i made this headband back in 2010 when i was at my bfs house bored as f... lets keep it pg 13 here lol anyways i made it from some leather he had leftover in a drawer and some studs i ripped off an old vest i made 1 year ago he left it in my lamp and it got partially melted so i ripped the main part off and glued it on a cheapo headband. anyways the tutorial is below but i doesnt have pictures because i made it long long ago... ill post some someday if i ever make a new one. if im not clear enough just ask and ill explain better.

hope you all like my tutorial!!!

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  • Step 1

    firstly take off any fabric and embellishment on your headband so its totally bare. then with tailors measure tape or a string measure out how long it is from tip to tip.

  • Step 2

    take your piece of leather and with a ruler draw a straight like 1 inch ?(2.5 cm)longer than your measurement and at least 1/2 inch (1 1/4cm?)from the edge of your fabric. the edge of your studs will be touching this line.

    before studding measure up the sides of your line 1 1/2 inch or 3 3/4 cm. make a mark on each measurement dont put any studs outside these lines because they will bother your ears.

    now your ready to start studding. yay!!!

  • Step 3

    take your studs and start measuring and marking holes in your leather. if your studs are new you wont have to mark holes because the points will still be sharp but if you salvaged them from an old project youll want to take the stud and put it up against the leather and make a mark where the prongs touch. do this all the way around.

    for a more bad ass d-beat style look put the studs directly next to each other so that 2 stud prongs can go in one hole(you will need twice the studs) for a more street punk kinda look equally place the studs apart so that all your holes will be evenly spaced but each hole will only hold one point.

  • Step 4

    poke holes in your marks with either an awl or some kind of small scisors but smaller is better and while the holes can be make bigger by the stud they cant be made smaller and a hole to big will mean your stud will probably fall out.
    place the studs in the holes one by one turning over the leather after and pressing the prongs down with a quarter. dont use your fingers because you can cut or damage them after time

  • Step 5

    cut out your studded strip with a rough cut 1/2 in or 1 1/4cm from your studs and the extra spaces on each side measure into the middle of the stud line and mark.

  • Step 6

    measure into the middle of your headband and apply adhesive about 1 inch or 2 1/2 cm across then apply your studded strip to your headband putting your mark in the middle of the adhesive. brace until fully dry

  • Step 7

    last step!
    either fold edged over snd glue down or cut them off at the edge it really wont matter because noone will see the edge of your headband.
    part your hair into a bad ass chelsie and put the headband on tease the hair into a bump style your bangs and show off your new creation!!! dont forget to take a picture and post your version!!!

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