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Easy Hair Bow Tutorial
Countless hair bow makings have been given. Catering for your demands of easy hair bow tutorial, we specially designed this simple yet beautiful ribbon hair bows for you. You will find it much more particular than previous ribbon bows. See how to make a hair bow and enjoy its particularity.

This time the typical highlight of hair bow is the carefully selected ribbon pattern. Anchor printed grosgrain ribbons make the bow unique. The superb option matches your representative sailor suit well. Following we would like to share easy hair bow tutorial step by step. Take a few minutes with us and make a hair bow together.


  • How to make a bobble / tie. Easy Hair Bow Tutorial - Step 1
    Step 1

    Fold the ribbons
    Prepare and cut out ribbons strips as the picture 1 shows: two 17cm anchor printed strips in red and blue, two 15cm anchor printed strips in red and blue and two 5cm plain red and blue strips; stick the double-sided tape in the middle of each anchor printed strip. Fold each end to the middle and stick. Make a fluted pattern in the middle as the following picture does. Press the two sides down.

  • How to make a bobble / tie. Easy Hair Bow Tutorial - Step 2
    Step 2

    Make layers of ribbons
    Bind the shape in the middle with several strands of sewing threads. Make the other shape; overlap two pieces in the same color; bind the two together. Stick the double-sided tape on the corners of the plain colored ribbons as below.

  • How to make a bobble / tie. Easy Hair Bow Tutorial - Step 3
    Step 3

    Stick two glued ends to the following shape. Stick the two shapes to the middle of each same colored ribbon layer. Then two colored anchor printed ribbon bows are done.

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