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10 mins

*yummy* chicken salad sammiches
This is just a random project ... ya.
I used onions instead of celery just because 'I think onions have a different more defined taste than a regular old celery stick.... plus we didn't have any. XD lol well enjoy ...
This Sandwitch spread is good for taking to work or school for a lunch... or just for lunch at home. =D
NO PICTURES SORRY the computer wouldn't upload them... darn lol

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  • Step 1

    first gather all you ingredients

    * if you want to use celery or just want to add something else to it thats fine to ... your eating it not me ... lol

  • Step 2

    next take the chicken out of the can and put it in the bowl. next add as much mayo as you think you need. I put about two scoops in using a big spoon. then just about a spot of mustard the size of a quarter.

    *shake in some parmesan cheese... it depends on how cheesy you like your food. but not to much that it soaks up the mayo and mustard that it just crumbles.*

  • Step 3

    Then chop up your celery or what ever you use to give it its veggie crunch. and put that in the bowl.

  • Step 4

    FINALLY mix it all up and taste... put something in if you think it needs it .... this is your food, be creative!

    spread it on some bread and ENJOY

    * sorry for no pictures, hopefully I explained it well enough you don't need any*

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