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Wear it in your hair,hang it on your bag,make many to adorn your bedroom door,and so much more!
U know those scoobies strings you get? I had those and braideroos. You mite call it something else where you live but they are basically colored plastic strings.Do u kno how to make the twister design? I have made a variation to that.I didn't invent the twister but I'll show how to make that to.

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  • How to make a string. Easiest String Design Ever Invented (By Me) - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take 4strings.2 Colors of each.tie the top in a knot but make sure it goes in a pattern like 1 2 1 2.the no. referring to the color. So now yur strings are together.u r ready.
    Take you first colour. Make a D against the rest of the colors as shown in pic.put the end of the string into the D and pull. Make sure it dosnt go to high.just below the knot.kep doing this till you reach the end of your first string.next color......................
    The last string u just snap of.
    PS wen you reach the end of each color some of that color should be left.snap that of but leave a little or the whole thing wil come untied.

  • How to make a string. Easiest String Design Ever Invented (By Me) - Step 2
    Step 2

    THIS is the thing i found while fiddling with the twister. other ppl kno how to do it, and i haven't patented this or anything I'm just pointing out that even if we know only one design we can make a lot more inspired by that design. i kno most of u ppl didnt read that cuz its boring, so i will just move on.
    take 2 strings of different colors. tie a knot on the top.
    make a D against other colour like before but now FLIP you design over and make a D with the other color. keep going, flipping after every D........

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