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This is my first of many adventures with wax and candle making!
Of course, because I’m me, I had to make this Halloween themed so my first adventure in wax is a small black coffin that I personally think would make the perfect desk accompaniment for the medical examiner in anyone’s life. It came out so ridiculously adorable I almost can’t stand it. It’s not perfect by any means, but I love it and it’s a great first attempt especially considering that I didn’t have a proper mold and had to make one. Warning: crayons smell crazy weird and they really only get stranger smelling once you’ve melted them down a bit and re-solidified them again.

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  • How to make a candle. Dyeing Wax  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Place your wax in a heat-proof bowl that will conduct the heat properly without burning anything. Shave your crayon of choice into your wax until you start to get the color that you’re looking for. You might need more than you think just to make sure that you get the right intensity of color that you’re looking for. This is by far the most tedious bit, because if you just chunk up the crayon into the wax you will end up with too much crayon that doesn’t really want to melt at the end.

  • How to make a candle. Dyeing Wax  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Then just bring everything up to temperature and make sure everything is melted. Then pick your “mold”, cover the bottom in a tight layer of aluminum foil and pour your wax into your mold. Technically you could do this without leaving in the cookie cutter but I was too worried about ripping the aluminum foil to take the cookie cutter out. Then just leave it to cool for at least an hour, just to be safe. You might need more time if you’re making something thick and you want to be sure that this has fully set before you start playing with it. Once it’s cool you’re done and you’ve got a cool new wax toy to play with.

    For more info: https://theyearlingblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/day-286-adventures-in-wax/

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