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DIY Dollhouse

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DIY Dollhouse by Alexia Henrion

Published by Princeton Architectural Press

D.I.Y. Dollhouse is a lavishly illustrated guide for budding architects, builders, and designers, showing then how to build and furnish their own eco-friendly dollhouse, with an incredible eye for detail. The simple instructions cover everything children (and parents) need to get started, from making rooms out of crate boxes and pieces of scrap fabric to crafting countless furniture and household items using recycled materials, such as empty plastic containers and bottles, bottle caps, cardboard boxes, plastic trays, drinking straws, and more. Learn how to transform these easy-to find household items into a sofa, bunk bed, desk chair, fridge, stove, bucket and mop, or even a hot tub for the rooftop garden, and come up with ideas of your own. The photographs of the finished interiors provide plenty of inspiration, and the project is sure to keep crafty children busy for days on end.

© 2018 Alexia Henrion / Princeton Architectural Press · Reproduced with permission. · DIY Dollhouse: Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials by Alexia Henrion (Princeton Architectural Press, out October 10, £17.99). Illustration by Alexia Henrion © 2017 Princeton Architectural Press. Available:


  • How to make a piece of doll furniture. Dollhouse Washing Machine - Step 1
    Step 1

    First cut your box to size. Take an oblong, rectangular box and cut off one end so that it resembles the shape and size of a washing machine. Through the opening you have made you will later be able to insert the washing drum from below. Paint the box in a color of your choice.

  • How to make a piece of doll furniture. Dollhouse Washing Machine - Step 2
    Step 2

    When the paint is dry, carefully cut out a circle-shaped door on the front side of the box. Make sure to leave a hinge for the door and use the creamer container as a size guide. Then cut a circle-shaped hole into the door and glue a matching piece of clear plastic lm over it from the inside. Now you have a washing machine door with a window.

    Clear plastic film is used for many types of packaging. You can also use plastic wrap if you like.

  • How to make a piece of doll furniture. Dollhouse Washing Machine - Step 3
    Step 3


    Cut two small rectangles out of the construction paper. Glue one to the edge of the door to serve as a handle. The other piece is the detergent dispenser. Glue it to the upper left of the front side of the washing machine. The four beads are the buttons and go on the upper right of the front side. Finally, make a drum with the creamer container by gluing it to the door opening from the inside of the box.

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