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Artful Christmas

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© 2023 Susan Wasinger / GMC Publications · Reproduced with permission. · Artful Christmas by Susan Wasinger, published by Lark (£14.99, available from www.thegmcgroup.com)
  • Step 1

    Mix one part white glue with one part water. Blow up the balloon so that it’s about the size of a large cantaloupe. Set it on the cup or small bowl to keep it steady.

  • Step 2

    Drape the doily over the balloon and smooth it down over the sides. Make sure the doily drapes evenly over the balloon with no rolled edges or crimped areas.

  • Step 3

    Paint the entire surface of the doily liberally with the glue mixture, making sure you work glue into all of the nooks, crannies, and fibers. Make sure no errant blobs of glue remain on the doily.

  • How to make a lace bowl. Doily Snowflake Bowl - Step 4
    Step 4

    Let the doily bowl dry overnight or longer until it’s totally stiff. If it isn’t stiff, paint it with another layer of glue. When it’s completely dry, gently wriggle your fingers beneath it, depressing the balloon. Loosen the doily carefully. Don’t puncture the balloon! If you do, the doily bowl will collapse.

  • How to make a lace bowl. Doily Snowflake Bowl - Step 5
    Step 5

    If desired, spray the bowl with polyurethane for added rigidity. Use the bowl as a decorative element or add a candle to make a stunning votive.

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