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Bottle cap pendants. these are Doctor Who but they can be anything you would like of course :)
so i wanted a doctor who necklace so i made some :)sorry my pictures aren't too great my camera isn't the best.

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  • How to make a bottle cap pendant. Doctor Who Bottle Cap Pendants!!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    The one with the tardis:

    paint the inside all black. sponge your red and blue paint onto it. splatter your white with the stiff brush. put a layer of clear sparkle nail polish on top. when that's dry(i am impatient so i dried it with a blow dryer lol) glue a picture of a Tardis on(or draw one) then cover with the clear sparkle again.

  • Step 2

    for the second one. glue a picture in the middle(will work with any picture you would like :D and cover with clear nail polish(although i used the sparkle again :P)

  • Step 3

    once you have them done and dry take a wire and wrap it in a spiral. take the top and bend it over to form a loop. glue the spiral part onto the back of the cap and there you go.

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