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DIY Name Rocket for Pre-schoolers and Toddlers
Step 1

Find your toddler's favourite rocket image on the internet and print this out.

Step 2

Once printed, get your toddler to cut around the shape of the rocket. You can print out two rockets, just in case.

Step 3

Take any old piece of cardboard or thick book cover and outline the shape of the paper rocket on this. Then cut the cardboard out.

Step 4

Using your craft glue, stick together the paper image of the rocket, onto the cardboard cut out in the shape of the rocket.

Step 5

At this point, we went the extra step to do the same thing with an old piece of golden coloured wrapping paper hanging around from Christmas so we just cut this to shape too and stuck onto our cardboard. Or, you could simply just get your toddler to colour in!

Step 6

Now, it’s time to colour the rocket flames. Guide your little one as they colour. Tell them that flames are hot, therefore signified by red.

Step 7

Using the permanent marker and guiding the hands of your littlies, encourage them to slowly write their name on the rocket!

For the complete activity with images visit - https://www.cubsta.com/au/diy-create-a-name-rocket-for-toddlers-and-pre-schoolers/

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