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DIY Throw Pillows
Check out these awesome DIY throw pillows...no sewing required!!

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  • How to make a pillow/cushion. Diy Throw Pillows - Step 1
    Step 1

    I came across many blogs that had tutorials on how to make throw pillows without needing a sewing machine. I decided that I needed to try this before the next family Thanksgiving gathering. There were a lot of different options, some requiring an iron to activate adhesive strips to washable adhevsive glue. I'll admit it now, the glue seemed like the easiest route and I jumped at it! I went back to JoAnn's (now I go there all on my own!) to gather my supplies:
    - 3 Down Pillows (18"x18")
    *Any size will work, but your pillows should be roughly 2" smaller than the piece of fabric that you cut to leave enough room for the glue seam. This will ensure that your pillow is not busting out too much.
    - 1 tube of Unique Stitch Fabric Glue
    - Fabric of your choice
    *I bought 2.5 yards of 1 fabric to make the first 2 pillows and 1.5 yard of another fabric to make the third pillow (I definitely had some fabric left over)

  • How to make a pillow/cushion. Diy Throw Pillows - Step 2
    Step 2

    I found a great pattern to make an "envelope pillow". First, you cut your front panel of fabric (I did 20" x 20"). Next, cut the two back panels (for a 20" x 20" pillow, I cut two 20" x 15" panels).

    Tip: I cut these panels long so that I could fold over, iron and glue the inside seam (in green above) to give the edge a finished look. To be honest, 15" was probably a little too long. I either should have folded over more fabric, or cut my back panels to be about 20" x 12" (with a 1" fold over seam).

  • How to make a pillow/cushion. Diy Throw Pillows - Step 3
    Step 3

    Next, I placed my front panel, pattern-up and then matched up the corners of my back two panels, pattern-down. I then placed glue all along the outer edges of the front panel (illustrated by the red lines in the pattern example). I then matched up the corresponding corners (marked by the letters in the pattern example) and pressed down with my fingers. Remember that the edges marked in green should not be glued down, as that is the opening of the envelope pillow where you will stuff in your pillow insert.

    Tip: Make sure you match up your pattern on the front and back panels so that it is going in the right direction on both sides. This will give your pillow a more professional look. (Feel free to mis-match them too, this is your pillow!)

    Once I glued all of the edges, I let the pillow dry over night.

  • How to make a pillow/cushion. Diy Throw Pillows - Step 4
    Step 4

    Finally, I stuffed the pillow insert into my new cover and VOILA!!! DIY Throw Pillows without so much as a thimble. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Feel free to leave me questions in the comment box below or via email!

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