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30 mins

Homade ribcage top, cheap and very easy to make. Great for Halloween too.
My black tank was too plain and old! So it was time to spice it up a little and make it even more awesome saucer. Because I'm cheap, I simply copied a photo of rib cage tank from amazon. Pretty easy to paint, just use any paint brush (not too small because that will take forever! And just waste our time.) Just simply copy it from a rib cage photo,paint it etc. The painted fabric turns stiff when it dries, so place a dry towel on the painted area and iron it- Voi la! Fabric turns soft again.The paint smells so open a window and really worth the time making, saved me at least a ten pounds too. I'm a slow painter, well actually I'm slow and lazy at everything, so I'm honestly not sure how long it took me to paint it but I'm guessing a half-hour or so.

Posted by Laura Gloomy.Panda from Rochdale, England, United Kingdom • Published See Laura Gloomy.Panda's 12 projects »


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