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Based on Diy Mushroom Crown by Melanie Busby
This is my version which I've waited so long to make because it took me forever to find the mushrooms. Anyways, it should be very easy to make if you know how to wrap. if you're wondering where I got the items in my project please ask and I will gladly tell you and if you don't find them there I can give you online websites that had similar if not same products. The materials I used were hemp, glass leaf beads, miniature mushrooms with wire wraps attached to the bottom, pastel green, blue, pink, and purple ribbon roses/rosettes, and dark green and brown embroidery thread.
I basically just wrapped the hemp around my head(snuggly around my crown, not from the back to my forehead) tied it and cut off extra(leave about 2-3 inches incase you need to untie it but I left it tied throughout the project and it just slips on and off.
Next I spaced the mushroom about an inch apart and wrapped the wire that's attached to them to the hemp. When doing this I also adjusted the mushrooms so they all sit differently(sideways, upside down, tilted) do what you like though. And don't be afraid to put some very close if not touching give it variety and character!
Then I used the brown embroidery thread and put it through the leafs under the roses (I put it through both)I used about 3X the length of the hemp for the thread of both colors. The way I arranged the flower color is blue, pink, green, purple, and I repeated that throughout wrapping it around. Now to wrap it I tie (just one knot for now by the knot of hemp then I strung a flower wrapped diagonally about twice before the mushroom, and then once after it and then I strung another flower and then repeated the same amount of wraps throughout the rest. remember to keep your flowers facing outward. When you get to the end wrap a shi...meow load like 15X and then tie it off. go back to the beginning knot before the flower and do the same but keep it close to the flower.
For the leafs I did the same process, except I wrapped in the opposite direction to hold everything down a little better. when placing the leaves I put 1 next to each mushroom try to make them face different directions and position them differently to give variety. then just wrap a lot again and tie it off, slip it on and BAM! you haves a cutsie little mushyroom crown C:

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