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Based on Diy Dry Erase! by Cassie
As soon as i saw this i had to make one too. :) I REALLY needed one to write down crafts i need to do ...because unless i actually SEE the to-do list, it wont ever get done. lol I'm also going to use it to remind me of swaps on here too.

I dont have any 'pretty paper' i like, so i made my own. & drew some inspirational pictures on it of things i like.
I took off-white paper, splattered red (blood) paint on it. Then Hand-Drew all the pictures (Skeleton sketch, skeleton key, morbid cherub, moth, fly, stars), and pasted them on there. Yes, i find these things pretty & inspirational. lol
I made it to where you write the title of the list above the skeleton-key, so i can change it if i want.

I also added a clip on the side to attach the marker. Its REALLY easy to make.
Just take a cap from an old dried out marker (the same brand/size as the dry-erase one ur using), and cut the closed end off with a exacto-knife. Then cut a slender notch down & out of one side (be real careful so it doesnt break, and watch fingers). Now your marker should be able to snap into it. Then just hot-glue it to the side of your frame. It actually works!

My aunt loved mine, so now im going to make her one for christmas too. She said she wanted a skully/morbid one to use at her job....she works at a hospital. XD

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