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paper tabs back to school clip rite
I don't know for you, but i love love love watching back-to-school videos on youtube, and i mostly see American ones. I've seen a couple of times these "clip-rite" tabs, and i wanted to buy them but unfortunately, Amazon doesn't send it to my country (France). So if you're like me, if you're broke or whatever, here is my project to make these cute tabs !

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  • Step 1

    ? Cut into the index card a rectangle of 2cm x 4,5cm.
    ? Print any cute pattern that you want. For mine, i just googled "cute chevron pattern".
    ? Cut into the pattern a rectangle of 2cm x 9cm and fold it in half.
    ? glue the pattern onto the piece of inder card.
    ? take your cutter and cut a tiny rectangle to insert your clip (as the picture)
    ? insert your clip into the hole and voilà !
    OPTIONAL: i don't know if you have this in your country but in France they sell "sticky" plastic cover that you stick on your books to protect them ; i covered my tabs with it to make them more durable. :)

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You did an awesome job! I love those clips and always forget to buy them (until I realize I need them) ...and then I am thinking "There's gotta be a way to DIY this!". Maybe next time I realize I need them, I will attempt this. You can certainly make them in the exact design you want then! Real cute! Happy

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