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Decorate wedding pens
Everyone would like to look best on their wedding day. Happy bride would rather design a special and unique wedding on her own to taste and memorize one of the most important days in her life. Here I'd love to share how to decorate wedding pens with bride-to-be.
Lots of materials are used in order to make wedding pens more attractive, such as ribbons, felt beads and applique flowers. Apart from these raw materials, other craft tools are helpful as well. With all the necessary materials listed below, I will demonstrate you how to decorate pens in a new way.

  • How to make a pens & pencils. Decorate Wedding Pens - Step 1
    Step 1

    The preliminary work
    1. You need to take out a pen and white satin ribbon.
    2. Glue one end of ribbon to the pen point with hot melt gun.
    3. Wrap the pen from beginning to end with ribbon; leave ribbon tassels for a certain length at the top.
    4. Cut two patterns out of pink felt as pic shows. You'd better sew patterns along each edge to protect hems. Cut out letters "i" and "DO" with white felt; glue each letter onto corresponding pink patterns. You will see how it looks in next step picture.

  • How to make a pens & pencils. Decorate Wedding Pens - Step 2
    Step 2

    The finishing work
    5. Cut out a strip of purple felt; shape a bow by wrapping a thread in the center. Glue the bow onto the top of the pen.
    6. Fold the organza ribbon into three layers. Lay the organza ribbon onto the purple bow; glue the center of organza ribbon; fold it in half.
    7. Decorate the ribbons with two beads and two applique flowers by gluing.
    8. Stuff two felt hearts with quilting inside. Roll up a felt rose with a bead as the flower heart. Stick stuffed hearts, felt rose and "i" "DO" patterns onto the ribbon bows one by one.

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