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Vermont, Illinois, US
Finger Knitted Chair Cushion
Dear Deer Ears
Flower Fairy
Based on Dear Deer Ears by batty

Photo of ful costume is on flickr:

Fawn costume for Halloween.
We only had white felt so we used brown crayon to color the outsides of the ears. Attached the ears to barrettes.
To round the costume out, we cut out a large oval and small circles in white felt for the belly and spots on the back. We attached them to her clothes with removable poster tape.
For the tail, I cut out two tall thin triangles of white felt, colored one of them brown, and whip stitched them together with a pipe cleaner along the long sides. We used the ends of the pipe cleaner and the waist ties of her tunic to attach it to her back.
The front legs are knitted fingerless mitts, pattern Forest Feet, available at my designer page on Ravelry:


Dear Deer Ears

Dear Deer Ears

clip on deer ears

♥ 156
Kitty Cat Ears

Kitty Cat Ears

Be a purrfect looking cat with clip on kitty ears.

♥ 394
Silver Fox/Gray Wolf Ears

Silver Fox/Gray Wolf Ears

Unleash the wild side.

♥ 6
3d Paper Cat Ears

3d Paper Cat Ears

Paper+Headband+Tape=Cool Costume!

♥ 16
Hello Kitty Ears Headband

Hello Kitty Ears Headband

made from old socks!

♥ 101
Minnie Mouse Ears

Minnie Mouse Ears

It's polka dots, it's so Minnie Mouse

♥ 81


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