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another one of my t-shier plastic surgery's :)
this is just a t-shirt i got from hot topic for like 10$ but hates the color because it has this painted stripes on it that itch so time for scissors!

plus i made a matching cuff from some scraps tutorial here

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  • How to cut-up a top. Cut Up Nightmare B4 Xmas Shirt - Step 1
    Step 1

    first you want to cut the top off this shirt. start about 1 in from the sleeve hem and cut down till you hit about 1 in from the bottom of the sleeve then cut across in a strait line to the other sleeve and back up.

    yous should be even not all off like my paint sampler lol

    now ill admit i have like no booage so if your busty you might want to try it on and chalk a line so you don't cut to low.

  • How to cut-up a top. Cut Up Nightmare B4 Xmas Shirt - Step 2
    Step 2

    now to doctor the sleeves. these sleeves ride across your arms so you want to just leave em.

    now you don't have to but i hemmed across the top starting from the top corner of the sleeve and all the way around because the paint was making it curl funny.

    now from a scrap of your shirt cut two long pieces for the neck tie. mine were like 12 in or so but you can measure from you shirt top (try it on) around your neck and back down. i just made two straps and tied them in the back but you can do one piece.

    now i had my shirt on and just pined it where i wanted it to be and then sewed it on but if you want to get technical you can measure it all out.

  • How to cut-up a top. Cut Up Nightmare B4 Xmas Shirt - Step 3
    Step 3

    now for the back i did this twisted 'dragonfly' cut out of the back its hard to see but it curves down to the side.

    i saw this from an ed hardy shirt that adam sacks chopped up so it looks like so

    <-- but silly me after weaving and sewing i relised i missed the top piece so i cut and tied it across the back.

  • How to cut-up a top. Cut Up Nightmare B4 Xmas Shirt - Step 4
    Step 4

    to do this weave you want to cut it like so


    now these are cut with about 1 in in between them. the top is about 2 in from the end of each side of the t-shirt then u take about 1/2 in off each side of each cut till you get to the cut with the arrow now these from here on down will be the same size and should be like 3in wide each then just stagger them about 1in to the right of the one before it.

    now starting with the second string down you take it under the top pull it over the top one twist it so you have a little loop. then take the next one down and string it threw your loop and twist again and repeat theres a pic in my tutorial for this shirt.


    then just sew off the end.

  • How to cut-up a top. Cut Up Nightmare B4 Xmas Shirt - Step 5
    Step 5

    now because i had a fitted shirt and after doing my braiding it was now to tight /sigh i made a little split in the front and laced a 1/2 inch piece of scrap from my shirt. make sure you stretch this lace piece out first.

    just cut matching holes on each side of the slit and lace like you would a shoe and tie off! ta da new swanky shirt.

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