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more pictures of past GRIPTAPE'S i've painted
Hey-ya'll , here's some pictures of other 'Grips' i've painted over the last few years ... their not really in order but as you could guess i've been able to produse better and better end results , and most boards were painted with only : SPRAY PAINT'S , STENCILS (photocopys that i make and cut-out for each color i intend to spray), ADHESIVE SPRAY CONTACT GLUE (to hold stencils in place), and the GRIPTAPE , knife ,ETC.
towards the end of these photo's you'll notice i also sprayed picture to surfaces like : cement street , sheet-metal-skateboarding box/ramp , even my workstation/bench at a workplace (where on coffee-breaks i would often quickly spray on a color to one of my grips)and these were also created with the same stencils during the time right after i first used them on a GRIPTAPE , because of the/my stencils are simple/cheap paper , they most often get uesd only once but in these cases ... the stencils were still good enough to slap on an another area and blast a bit more paint at them .

first though lets take a look at a 'GRIPTAPE-JOB' i did
that was more about cutting-out a image than focused on
picture .
this also can be tricky because of it being a one-shot-
deal so to speak . ( it's gotta turn out while putting
it / sticking it down THE FIRST TIME if you've ever
worked with griptape , you'll know what i mean )

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KraftyKonves · 2 projects
those are supre beastieness lolif only i kuld skate lmao .... my mama would proly steal the heat one she loves thm lots lol

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