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even more pictures of 'GRIP-JOBS' (not in order created)
ALLLLL-RIGHT !!!!, i held your attention this long so here's more ... and those shots of a mass creamation-of-broken-boards ?, i couldn't pass-up creating a photo-opp. with a back-log of broken 'gripjob'-boards ... good thing i did though cause some boards escaped the camera up untill that point .

in some of the first-few shots with 'HOMER', you'l be able to notice i had shot-on black by means of stencil then filled-in the gaps (paper held the stentcil togther, right?) with a black 'sharpy'.
with all these pictures you can see what i was able to get as far as results given the process i choose to stick with ... and imperfections i encounter given my chosen methods .
sometimes the boards would break so soon that i would just throw on some color and not invest as much time into the next board BECAUSE i wanted- , NO needed to ride rather than paint when it came to skateboarding time .
in another picture , the one with the 'vision street wear' painted in the middle on a "white'd" grip , i used the 'airwalk' letters that i cut out of a paper stentcil at the same time on another section of the same deck . so imagin the board all covered-up and protected from overspraying paint except the stentcil (which got blue spray paint) and an open area that had the letters in place which i had cut out of the stentcil (that section got hit with a few colors, i was exparamenting a new trick) then touched-up with my friend 'sharpy'.
one board was my 'southwestern-feista' themed look because it was made of leftover bits & pieces from past gripjobs , but because i did that (twice now,a friend got one of em') it left me with an extra griptape ... up until then i had to paint the length that came with a board ... now i could paint when i felt like it and put it on the next board i bought.
well , it'll be rad if i've given you an idea on spraying a picture onto something and make it more your own , and if you do let see .

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mahaha <3
mahaha <3
aha fair enough then :L x
mahaha <3
mahaha <3
why burn some desent boards? they seemed fine x

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