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Cross Stitch Metro Sign

Extract from Criss-Crossing Paris • By Fiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes • Published by Fil Rouge


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METRO SIGN: Rouge, vert, jaune
A vintage Metro sign transports us to Paris. These unmistakable lampposts mark the underground stations of the Metro railway, punctuating the chapters of a day in this special city.

Paris travels
Lit by a spherical lamp, this sign leads the way underground. It has led the way around the world, too, as the name ‘metro’ for an urban railway has been incorporated into many languages. The atmospheric photograph was turned into an illustration and then used for various cross stitch projects.

Decorating a Napkin
Accompany a continental breakfast with a metro-sign napkin to brush away croissant crumbs. You can either stitch the design directly onto a linen napkin or stitch it onto an Aida panel and use hook-and-loop fastener to attach the stitched panel to a napkin so you can remove it to wash napkin and panel separately.

Metro Ticket Purse
Take a section of the design – the metro sign itself and some of the foliage – and stitch it onto a purse ready-made for embroidery. Perfect for holding your ‘carnet’ of tickets and some small change.

1 strand of each, Type DMC

Baby Blue – VY LT 775
Red – BRIGHT 666
Black 310
Avocado Green – ULT LT 472
Parrot Green – VY DK 904
Golden Yellow – VY LT 3078
White Blanc

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© 2023 Fiona Sinclair / Fil Rouge · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Find the middle of the fabric by folding the Aida in half and then half again and place a pin in the centre point of your fabric.

  • How to cross stitch art. Cross Stitch Metro Sign - Step 2
    Step 2

    Begin by stitching the border 4 cm (11/2 in) in from the top edge, working from the chart and referring to the illustration. Count how many large red crosses are required and stitch double-size crosses.

  • Step 3

    Stitch the different colour sections, using single-size crosses for the lamp post and double-size ones for the sky and foliage. The foliage can be as dense or as sparse as you like and you can use just one green or include a wider variety of shades of green.

  • Step 4

    When stitching the sign, don’t add thread to the word ‘Metro.’ Just leave it blank: the lettering is formed from the fabric ground, reversed out from the red stitching.

  • How to cross stitch art. Cross Stitch Metro Sign - Step 5
    Step 5

    Using a pre-made purse (see Materials and Tools) and working double-size crosses, follow the chart opposite as a guide to thread colour and stitching and the photograph as a starting point for design placement. Start by stitching the black border of crosses from edge to edge, and create the rectangle. Next, stitch the red and white crosses within the black frame, using every second hole to create double-size crosses. Then in green floss, work the foliage around the edges of the purse, making the pattern as dense or sparse as you like.

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