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30 mins

make a cute gift or deoration
Abbreviations: CH-chain.. DC-doucle crochet.. DC2TOG- insert hook into st and draw up a loop, insert hook into next st and draw up another loop, yarn over and pull through all three hoops on hook.. REP- repeat.. SS-slip stitch.. ST(S)- stitches

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  • How to make a chicken plushie. Crocheted Chick - Step 1
    Step 1

    head and body

    make chain 2
    Round 1: 6dc in second chaon from hook
    Round 2: dc in each st (12sts)
    Round 3: dc in each st (24sts)
    Round 4-10: 1dc in each st

    add eyes, either safety ones of embroidery floss.. then stuff head

    Round 11: dc2tog end (12sts)
    Round 12: 1dc in each st to end (24sts)
    Round 13-14: 1dc in each st
    Round 17: dc2tog to end (12sts)

    stuff body

    Round 18: dc2tog to end (6sts)
    Round 19: dc2tog to end (4sts)

  • Step 2

    wings (make 2)

    chain 7
    Round 1: 1dc in second chain from hook, 1dc in each xh to end (6sts)
    Round 2: 1ch, dc2tog, 1dc ineach st to last 2 sts, dc2tog (4sts)
    Round 3: dc2tog to end (2sts)

  • Step 3


    8ch, 1dc in fourth ch from hook, 3ch, 1dc in next ch, 3dc, 1dc in next ch, 1dc in next ch, 2dc, 1dc in last chain

    fasten off then sew to the top of the head

  • How to make a chicken plushie. Crocheted Chick - Step 4
    Step 4

    Beak and Feet

    For the beak, cut a small diomend shape then sew it in half on the the head where you want it to be

    For the feet (make two)
    Cut out 4 shapes like this (sorry its dark, I have the worst camera ever) and sew them together but as you get nearer the end, stuff the feet with a pencil (helps getting in). Next sew them to the bottom of your feet.

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