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crochet fingerless gLoves
(where did my L letter go in the title?!)

hello! :D

this is my first crochet pattern I ever wrote! yay ^-^
i hope you'll be able to understand..

if you're having any trouble,tell me and i'll do my best to explain

*short history of the pattern:
i saw these awesome crochet fingerless gloves on polyvore,i had to make them
i've been crocheting for a year or something like that so i had no trouble figuring out the pattern and it was easy for me to make them

**for this you will need to know:
-sl(slip stitch)
-sc(single stitch)
-dc(double crochet)
-puff st(puff stitch)

tute on puff st can fe found here:

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  • How to make fingerless gloves. Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Step 1
    Step 1

    wrist ribbing:
    ch 31
    R1-sc in second ch from hook and sc until end of row
    R2-ch 1,turn,sc until end of row
    R3-same as R2
    R4-same as R2 until last 4 st,ch 2,skip 2 st,sc last two st
    R5,6,7-same as R2
    R8-same as R4
    R9,10,11,12-same as R2
    fasten off

  • How to make fingerless gloves. Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Step 2
    Step 2

    sew buttons and button up

    now,from here everything is worked in rounds

    [when you come to the part where the two ends overlap,crochet through two facing st as it was a one normal one,like shown in pic]

  • How to make fingerless gloves. Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Step 3
    Step 3

    R1-*1 puff st (do not ch to close it),skip 1 st,puff st,ch2
    repeat from * (after ch 2,goes puff st in the next st)

    (from now on crochet only trouh chains of 2st,as shown in pic)

    R2,3- *puff st in ch,ch2,puff st in the same sh again (do not ch to close),repeat from * until end of row,then sl st on top of first puff st

  • How to make fingerless gloves. Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Step 4
    Step 4

    R4- same as R2 untill where the hole for the thumb shoud be

    (i'm sory,you're gonna have to set it where it fits for you,for the left hand hole to the right and for the right to the left)

    when you get to the ch where the hole should start (its between two ch) 1 puff st,ch2 dc in the same ch,ch 2,dc in the next ch,ch2,and continue same ar row 2 from * until end of row

    R5,6-same as R2 (but don't crochet in the ch between two dc)

    R7-3 sc in the ch and repeat until end
    R8,9-sc in all st for these 2 rows

    fasten off

    and that's one gove! now make the other one and rock them :D



Anna B.
Anna B. · Melbourne, Victoria, AU
good one
James A.
James A. · Melbourne, Victoria, AU
cool gloves
Esteph H.
Esteph H. · Melbourne, Victoria, AU
looks GREAT Happy
Fannie M.
Fannie M. · 1 project
This is awesome
hayden d.
hayden d.
They look good
Anna H.
Anna H.
I was wondering what size hook is to be used on this pattern. I read through the pattern a few times and can not find the hook size. Thanks!
Libby W.
Libby W. · Whitehaven, England, GB · 86 projects
I'm so pleased I found this pattern! I'm obsessed with puff stitch at the moment. I'm working on a scarf just now, but I want a full matching puff stitch set!
Hello internet ppl! hmm... (thinking mode).. I would love to Know where you got those B-E-A-UTIFUL buttons at. Thank you!!!
Help me please! I know I am just a novice, but have worked on some advanced projects. I seem to be having trouble understandin the instructions beginning with the puff stitch row. Does the stitch go under the chain or do I chain and skip 2 stitches? Pleas eclarify, I would love to make these for my daughter who is far ans is dearly missed. Thank you
Help! I know I am but
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