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Recycle the bottom of a 2 liter bottle into a decorative coin catcher to hold pocket change or other items
This is for a Father's Day and cost under 20 cents to make. It can be used to hold lose change or a wallet and a cell phone.

Posted by KMOM14 from Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States • Published See KMOM14's 372 projects »
  • Step 1

    Cut the bottom off a clear 2 Liter Plastic bottle just below the label using Kitchen Scissor, an Xacto knife or hot knife or a box cutter.

    I used Kitchen Scissors and pinched the side to start the cut as I have tried all of the above methods and found I have better control in keeping the line straight and the edges smooth with Kitchen Scissors

  • How to make a storage bottle. Coin Catcher - Step 2
    Step 2

    You will also want to let it dry upside down as the weight from the pennies will cause it to slide down if upright; this way they are nice and neat against the edge.

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