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Christmas Owl
This is a fun and easy project that my son and I did for Christmas decor this year.

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  • Step 1

    First you will paint the paper rolls white. Then fold the ends inwards to where the edges meet (Repeat other end). This will look like two points on each end.

  • Step 2

    Next you will cut circles out of the foam sheets big and small. Big for the eyes and small for the feathers. you will also want to cut out two football shape for the wings and put a small coat of glitter glue on the wings. For the eyes take a black sharpie and make big circles almost to the edge. Also you will want to cut out a small triangle color orange (optional can also be black).

  • Step 3

    Once all pieces have been painted and cut out you will then hot glue 3 rolls of 4 small circles on what would be the front of the owl. You will also glue the wings on. One on each side. Two big circles glue above the smaller ones and add a googly eye in each big circle. The beak will be last. You will glue it right below the eye and on top of the feathers (top roll).

  • Step 4

    The pipe cleaner you will fold in "U" shape and twist ends. You will then glue to the back of the Owl.

    Your project is now complete.

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