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Not my best work- But, I still like it a little bit. Somebody out here might like it, I may as well share :)
NOT my best work, but better then I expected, being I am really, really, horrible at acrylic painting of any sorts. I had a nesting doll left from when I did doctor who nesting dolls, so I figured I should do something with it. I came up with this. So what if it doesn't look like a cat? It makes me happy, and look, he's smiling!

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  • Step 1

    So get your nesting doll. First, if you are not awesome at free hand painting, draw on the face. Start with the stomach bubble. Originally, I had a key hole drawn on the stomach, but It ending up sucking after I painted it the first time, so I painted purple over it.. Make sure it doesn't quite hit the top of the bottom half. Next do ears. Just little arches on the top, but not on the top top, where a cat would have a forehead. So do that. Now you have basic proportions. Next, I did the smile. Make it nice and big an evil. Mine started with a lot more inward curve, like the Joker's smile, bit it got washed out. Make even tooth lines now, about five. But don't do a middle line, making two rows of teeth, I tried to make this work out and failed because it makes the cat too human like, and he is far from anything on this Earth. It has to be more, vampirey. Like he might bite you at any given moment and grin while watching you die. Thats what I went for, but mine is too happy for that. So, you have a Cheshire smile, ears and stomach. If you like, go on the direct back and do a tail, which I forgot. So now, you can do eyes, and I say eyes before whiskers because then your eyes won't be to close together suffocating between the whiskers. We wouldn't want that. So eyes. Make circles, about the same size, about as proportional to the ears. You want them to stand out, mine aren't of course, but I wanted them to. So circles. Them add arc shapes to each side of them, like the spots around raccoon eyes. They should start to look like that a little bit. Once you have desired shape and thickness, erase the circles. Now add, flame shapes for the pupils. Do what you like, but I am giving my tutorial. Don't harass me! Now you can do whiskers. You can do them straight and to the side, like most cat whiskers, or curly and wispy like I did mine. If you do strait, go ahead and if you want wisps, do lines diagonal upward, making the bottom the longest, top the smallest and adding a gentle curl to the end of each. YAY now you have a face. Two faces. You have a face on your body and a face on your cat. Sorry, I had to say that. I had a day-sha-voo thingy, you don't mess with that stuff. Well ya don't. Ok, so now you get to outline. Use a thin sharpie and outline everything. Make it as thick as you want generally, but keep the lines clean, you can make them messy later. Only color in stripes on a tale, pupils and the keyhole. The rest you can paint on and will look better. So outlined. Now you can paint. Follow the pattern of black, white, pink, purple --- Muted --- Neon --- Blue Black White purple --- Or grey and white. I say that because that is what looks best. But you can add silver to any of those. So paint. After you paint, some of your lines will be painted over, if you like it, keep it. If not re-trace the lines with the same sharpy and this time make them messy, if you want. And now, you have a Cheshire Nesting Doll, make the whole Alice gang, or just keep one :)

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