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cute cozy
I was bored one day and desided to make myself a cute cozy for my cell phone. I always seem to drop the thing and thought this would be a good way to keep it from getting more damaged. It was also alot cheaper then to go out and buy one. The cozy is made from scrap craft felt, buttons and thread.

Posted by CAHT from Calgary, Alberta, Canada • Published See CAHT's 2 projects »

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Kayla G.
Kayla G.
my phone told me to make this. so im going to!!
CAHT · Calgary, Alberta, CA · 2 projects
I just had the stuff in a bag with all my craft suplies and i always see people making really cute cozys and stuff and thougth id make my own. It wasnt planned out at all but i wish i had done some messuring or some thing cause turned out a little messed up.
Ky · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 1 project
very cute. I like how everything goes together. Did you just have this stuff lying around ur house or did you go out and buy it?
I think I;m going to make one also because my phone has definately seen better days =/

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