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an easy way of refashioning your old cardigan you don't wear anymore
I had a white cardigan wich wasn't looking all that white anymore so I decided to refashion it. I began with Removing the buttons from the cardigan. Follow the instructions of the fabricpaint en dye the cardigan (in my case black). I then replaced the buttons I had removed (just plain white buttons) with some purple buttons I had in my buttonstash. Ad the buttons on the cardigan. Then i added the ribbon on the pockets(this is optional I just liked the effect). The ribbon also came out of my stash. Now you're done and have a new cardigan without actually buying a new one.
(on the photo's it looks like there are stains on the black version that's not the case I just have a crappy camara ;( (this project doesn't take a lot of time accept you have to wait for the cardigan to dry after you've dyed and washed it)

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