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Cardboard Photo Board
Put your fav pics of your childhood.

I wanted a board to put all of my favorite childhood pictures, but thought they were way to expensive so I made one out of cardboard! First, cut out a big piece of cardboard, when your done cutting it get fabric to cover the cardboard (I used a t-shirt) make the measurements how big the fabric should be, when you do that I used a rainbow felt border to give it more girly and cut out hearts... sew it on the fabric, Now, staple it on the back on the cardboard & nail it to the wall... Have fun finding any pics you want. ;D

(I covered my parents faces with red hearts.. cuz they don't want their faces to be shown :P)



Nice board for all your pictures

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First Try French Photo Board

First Try French Photo Board

for a lovely friend of a house.

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Custom Dry Wipe Board

Custom Dry Wipe Board

we all need reminding sometimes - so why not do it in a style of your choice

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Time Moves Fast Picture Board

Time Moves Fast Picture Board

A Cool Way To Show Your Love & Memories <3

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Message Board

Message Board

Turn an Old T-Shirt into a New Message Board

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Photo Board

Photo Board

A cute way to display some of your favourite images

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Like how you used pictures of Disney cartoons. Happy

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