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Based on Button Down Dress by plumsong .
As you can see I made a few alterations differantly than the one I got my instructions from.. Have over sized mens shirt, turn it inside out. Cut the sleeves off starting from just inside the seam. Have person the dress is for put it on while its inside out. Pin (careful not to poke her) the dress on each side with about an inch room from her body from top to bottom. Carefully help her take the shirt off. Now is the tricky part. With the designs and the alterations I wanted I cut thecollar off with about 3 inches from top of button to about an inch from her bustline. I cut the patches off the sleeves. I cut the collar to fit just the bustline. Sewed it on. Sewed the sides with a medium stitch just case I needed to alter it, she tried it on right side out, it fit so I sewed it for a permanet fit. After that I cut the excess off the sides. For the straps you could use whatever you choose.

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