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Bumper stickers for fun or profit!
Everyone likes bumper stickers, and not neccisarily for bumpers alone. We're talking for your binders, walls, locker, cars of people you don't like, toll booth medians, street signs, drive thru resurant signs, desks, beer fridge, book covers, if you can name it, it probally needs a sticker.

Posted by Misty Rizzo - Purple Dungeon Graphics from Livermore, California, United States • Published See Misty Rizzo - Purple Dungeon Graphics's 2 projects »
  • How to make a sticker. Bumper Stickers!!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    Go to your local office supply store, or shop online for some bumper sticker paper. Its reasonably priced and you can buy large packages if your feeling frisky and want to make a bunch of stickers. Just make sure to get some stuff that will hold up to the eliments or with one rain you'll have a plain white square on your car. I did this the first time.. not so fun

  • How to make a sticker. Bumper Stickers!!! - Step 2
    Step 2

    You have your paper, you have an inkjet printer attached to your computer, so now you need a design. Theres tons of random funny pictures and designs you can find with a good ol' google image search.
    "is that a friggin' shark cat?!?! ZOMG that is sooo the one i'm going to make"

  • How to make a sticker. Bumper Stickers!!! - Step 3
    Step 3

    Save your fun picture and open it in editing software, i use Paintbrush and Photoshop but whatever you have that you can crop and add text will work just fine. I think "om nom nom nom" is a good one for this.

  • How to make a sticker. Bumper Stickers!!! - Step 4
    Step 4

    So save your work, or if you have Vista your program may restart and you'll end up punching and/or kicking something nearby and maybe hurting your foot or fist. Just save. ok? save yet? go on.. do it, i'll wait...... Good girl.

    So, becasue i havnt figured out photoshop as much as i need, i opened the saved shark kitty pic in paintbrush and duplicated the picture to make a full sheet, wasting sticker paper is just wrong.

  • How to make a sticker. Bumper Stickers!!! - Step 5
    Step 5

    now print! oh yeah, easiest part of the whole thing. Click File, Print, and Enter. BAM printed.. Once you've printed your page, all you have to do is cut the stickers and ... and.. AWW &$^@(%&#^%$ ok ok, before you go and waste sticker paper... might want to check if your printer has INK! (sigh) ok ok its all good, heck that gritty sepia tone is "in" these days.

  • How to make a sticker. Bumper Stickers!!! - Step 6
    Step 6

    well thats it. Your hardest thing is to decide where to stick them. Great for gifts to your friends or for promoting your band or website (*cough* www.myspace.com/pdgraphics *cough*)I've put some other pics of different stickers i've made. Share yours!

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cupcake gangster
cupcake gangster · 64 projects
omg that cat is too funny!
Zezerk · Portland, Oregon, US · 4 projects
Dear Pete! That scared the crap outta me! LOL!
Misty Rizzo - Purple Dungeon Graphics
Misty Rizzo - Purple Dungeon Graphics · Livermore, California, US · 2 projects
yeah inkjet sticker paper is ready to load in your printer like regular paper or photo paper. Just make sure you put it in the right side or your stickers will print on the backing of the sticker.
molly g
molly g · 2 projects
makes a great present 4 the holidays!! thanx a lot!! just 1 question...do u put the sticky paper in the paper and print on it? i never quite found that detail in the tut. anyways, thanx tons!!
Ani W.
Ani W. · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 18 projects
thats really cool! sadly i dont have a printer so cant tryHappy(

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