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Frosting experiments
So...super easy. All I did was make red velvet cupcakes, followed the directions on the package. My sister found me these amazing cupcakes liners, they're tin. Apparently you don't even have to you a cupcake/muffin pan for them but, i did anyway.

For the frosting I put it all in a bowl and mixed in Black cherry soda and a little bit of dry cherry kool-aid mix. If you try it make sure you add a little by a little. I mean like barely anything. My frosting actually got a little runny hence why I turned to the kool-aid mix.

Threw all the frosting in a freezer bag cut of the tip and iced away.

You really can't tell in the pictures but the frosting was just a little pink-ish, they were beautiful ^-^ and delicious...red velvet is mah favourite.

Also I accidently sat on one of these cupcakes trying to bring one with me...stupid getting into cars and me being a tard face. egads it was messy and a very unpleasant feeling I might add but damn funny.

Anyway happy baking homies.

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