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wedding facinator.
This is a facinator I made for my sister for her evening wedding reception. I made it for her as a surprise to go with her bird print dress she had bought for the evening reception and she loved it (thank goodness). She's since called it the bambi facinator as it reminded her and her husband of when bambi is learning to speak or learn the names of things in the forest like " burd" and "pretty flower" a little in joke between the two of them. I created it from the left over items she had bought for the evening reception' s decorations, something she was really pleased with as she looked coordinated with them :-).

I took a length of ribbon and then attached double sided tape along the back of it and then removed the backing paper of the tape gradually and wound it around the headband tightly in order to cover it completely. Then I arranged the wired pearls crystals and feathers along with the flower and bird how I wanted them and then secured them together with the cake decorating wire and then covered them by wrapping them in the same ribbon as I used on headband. I then sewed the arrangement to the headband by using nylon thread to secure it and avoid the thread breaking.

And it's all done!

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