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recycling old tatty clothing...
To make the eye mask you will need:

Scrap Fabric (an old top, jeans, skirt etc)

Dark Scrap Fabric (black is best but very dark brown, blue or purple is also good)

White Pencil


Needle/Sewing Machine



Elastic (I used the waist band from a pair of old leggings)

Embellishments (buttons, sequins etc)

Posted by Sam D. from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom • Published

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  • Step 1

    Draw a mask shape on to the chosen fabric and an extra one on to the dark fabric using the white pencil. You could also do what I did and trace around an old eye mask that you already have if you have one.

  • Step 2

    Cut out the shapes but you want to leave about an inch or two of fabric around the white pencil marks. Trim these down a bit to make them look a bit neater.

  • Step 3

    Using the white pencil draw onto the patterned/denim fabric whatever design you want (I chose to do a heart) then you can use whatever materials you want to embellish the design such as beads or sequins or fabric paint. If you are using sequins or beads then sew these on now. I also sewed on some heart buttons at the sides.

  • Step 4

    Place the dark fabric cut out on to the back of the patterned/denim fabric then fold the bits of patterned/denim fabric (the bits outside of the white pencil markings) over the black fabric then pin all around to keep in place.

  • Step 5

    If you have a sewing machine you can sew all around the mask but if like me you doing it all by hand then you want to sew all around removing the pins as you go along. Make sure the eye mask looks as even as possible all the way round.

  • Step 6

    Measure out some elastic (I used the waistband of some old leggings and I also used the leggings for my dark fabric on the back of the eye mask).make sure the elastic is nice and snug around your head and not to tight or loose. You can cover the elastic in some fabric or just use it plain. Mine was already covered in black fabric. Sew each end of the elastic on to the ends of the eye mask.

    And you’re all done. This would make a really nice gift and it makes perfect use out of old clothes that would be thrown away (things that are too tatty to give away or sell for example).And it’s fun to make!!

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