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I Know Everyone Has Already Done It,But Still......

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  • Step 1

    First, draw a hallows symbol,the size of your pendant.This will make it easier to bend the wire to exact shape later.

  • Step 2

    Now take three long pieces of wire,and twist them together.Every now and then,thread/string a bead here and there.

  • Step 3

    When you have a long piece of twisted wire with beads,simply bend it into the shape of the invisibility cloak.Now repeat step 2 with shorter wire,and just attach one end to the top of the triangle(the pointy end) and the other end to the centre of the base.

  • Step 4

    Do step 2 again,this time bending it to form the stone.When you are happy with the shape,use minuscule bits of wire to fix it to the triangle.Add a jump ring to the top of the cloak and put it on a chain.

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