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Would make a nice gift and a genererly fun and easy project for using those cool marbles from when you where a kid
This is really easy. The part that was hard for me was the wire wrapping part, so I only wrapped one with wire. I haven't used wire at all yet, I was new to it. So the rest is easy though, they turn out awesome :)

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  • Step 1

    So start with the marbles. Take a cookie sheet and the tin foil. Bend up the sheet of tin foil a bit for a marble coral. Place it on your cookie sheet and get your marbles. When picking the marbles try to pick the ones that are mostly clear and translucent, and the lighter colored ones turn out better, but you can still use darker ones. place them all a bit away from each other, it is okay if they touch a little, but you wouldn't want them to like, fuse together. I don't think they would bake that long at all, but still I would take the procotions (SPELLING ERROR) . And of course this is why you bent up the tin foil a little bit.

    So you have a ton of marbles on a tray. YAY! Put them in at 450 for 20 minutes. Don't worry, that won't be to much or to long. When I originally heard about this project, it said to do 300, but the people who where doing 300's marbles didn't crack. At 450 they will. Right after you put them in, get your water ready. In a big metal or glass bowl (either, not plastic I've heard) fill it 3/4 of the way with cold water and with about 6-10 ice-cubes. Put it in the freezer to keep it cold till the marbles come out.

  • Step 2

    IMPORTANT when your marbles are ready to come out, put the water by the stove so you are ready. Also get your BBQ grabbers. Take the marbles out, quickly, move the marbles into the water. OOH Salad tossers might work better for grabbing more then one at a time. Act fast, or your marbles won't turn out. It works because the hot marbles going into the icy cold water shocks it and makes it only crack on the inside, if you where wondering. So now leave your marbles for say, 20-40 minutes and after that, take one marble out to check if it is still hot, it shouldn't be. If it is, put it back in and keep waiting. If they are cold or room temperature then you can take them out and dry them. If they are not cracked, don't fret. You can go through this same cycle again and they should work, but they should have cracked for you. My oven is low and it works.

    OK so now you have your cracked marbles. Do what you like with them. If you want to drill them for beads ect, do it before baking. Or they will crack everywhere!

  • Step 3

    How I wire wrapped:Cut about 3.7 inches of wire. I don't know what type I used. First at the top of the wire make the chain loop. Not horribly big or you will not have room for the coil. Now you should have around 2.85 inches of wire left. Now A bit (not much) under your loop, place an index finger, going left wrap the wire around your finger once, stopping when you are about 10% away from where you started that wrap. Now going left still, keep going with the wrap diagonally down ward and stop when you have about an inch and a half or so left. Now Take what is left and keep going sideways (like your first coil) around your finger till there is nothing left.

  • How to make a marble necklace. Baked Marble Jewelery - Step 4
    Step 4

    Take it off your finger now. This is a bit tricky, but you can do it. Now pop your marble in the middle of the wrap. It may or may not fall out, depending on how tightly wrapped, if it doesn't stay, hold it there with your finger for the following in the next step. You will have to mold the wire around the marble now. Hold the marble at the top and twist the top around it as best you can like a weird swirl crown. Then the wrap the middle line tighter around it. then tighten the bottom around it. And you can clip it now if you like but you want the first main coil on the bottom, with one more little one securing
    it. (the image is of the bottom of mine, hopefully it helps) Hopefully it looks like the pictures a little bit. If it is still really loose tighten it with pliers, carefully. Now you are ready to string it!

    For this step use a regular chain, or leather cord. I pick cord. Simply measure your leather cord to how long you want it. Clamp a crimp on each side of the cord and attach a jump ring to each side. On one side attach a clasp.

    Guess what. You're done!!! YAY! Since this is the first real (REAL) tutorial I have ever done, it might have some cracks, so feel free to leave comments and questions. I will get back to you :)

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Lee D.
Lee D. · Sequim, Washington, US
This is AWESOME!!! When I was little, many years ago, my Dad used to crack marbles for us by frying them in a cast iron skillet, with the lid on. Of course, he'd always get excited and take the lid off too soon, so the cold air would rush in and there'd be chunks of marble shrapnel flying all over the kitchen - scared the crap out of us!!! This is a MUCH better way. I LOVE how you did the wire wrapping - it's very elegant, and not too ornate. I think even I will try this. Thanks!
Jay ..
Jay .. · 14 projects
I'm new to everything and anything having to do with wire, where do you get it?
Lau5ren · 65 projects
Photographs of what?? I can, course, just need to know of what Happy
natupatu · Sant Celoni, Catalunya, ES
I want photographies, pleeeeeease > <

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