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makin' bags!
My neighbor sews drapes, or at least she did (I'm not sure anymore) and she remembered that I sew. so she gave me all her scraps when she was cleaning. now if any of you have ever sewn those fancy-shaped drapes you may know that there is alot of weirdly shaped, giant pieces that get left behind... she had been doing this for many years, thus i ened up with over a dresser full of decorator fabric scraps!

there is one unfortunate thing: none of it is washable.

so what is a crafty girl to do? why, make things that don't have to be washed! like bags!

so i have started making bags, so far i have two done:

the first being this flowery "charlie" bag. (the pattern's from burdastyle)

Secondly I made this paisly one:

that's it for now! i'll write in again later!
also: if anyone has any ideas or tutorials on what to do with non-washable fabric please tell me!

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Nancy D.
Nancy D. · Hillsboro, Oregon, US
I make Christmas stockings. You can do both sides the same or make the back side out of solid color material that matches it. Be sure to make a hanger.
batty · 7 projects
you might be able to, however i'm not going to test it because I don't know. most of it says dry clean only on it though...
KT · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
Can't you hand wash that stuff? Rather than putting it in the machine?

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