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cute little animal ears or horns hat/beanie
first tutorial. sorry for no pictures. you can use really any material and use any kind of ears, horns, or antennae you want.

Posted by Shelby M. from Modesto, California, United States • Published

  • Step 1

    first you have to measure temple to temple. then using those measurements
    cut out to half circles (temple to temple across) and 4 inches in height. cut a rectangular notch out of the top of the hat. sew both sides of the notches together. (this will give your hat shape)

  • Step 2

    then cut out a long rectangular strip about 6 inches in height and double your temple to temple measurement in length. sew ends of band together to make a loop.

  • Step 3

    design your ears. then cut them out and stuff.

  • Step 4

    lay the two half circles right sides together. place the ears inside at desired point. make sure they are upside down so when you turn the hat right side out they will go where they need to. sew around the half circles with the ears inside.

  • Step 5

    turn your hat right side out. attatch the band however you choose. fold the band in half and touch up any seams or loose threads. if you wish you can add lining. i personally dont like to add lining.

  • Step 6

    add any last minute touches such as pink inside the ears or cute little bows. be creative and post your versions.

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