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gotta use what you've got veggie recipe!
My hus is a strict vegetarian and I am always looking for inspiration...quorn gets boring after a while.
We happened to be really low on groceries so I had to use what we had, i dumped it all in the pan and it was actually really yummy!

The directions are as follows:

Posted by Felicia Woodhouse from Chester, England, United Kingdom • Published
  • Step 1

    Fry your onion in the olive oil, you could add garlic too
    {i didn't have any at the time}.

  • Step 2

    Once the onion is soft dump everything else in EXCEPT the water and lime juice!
    Let everything simmer, as it begins to thicken add a bit of water to create a sauce.
    Just before serving add the lime juice and stir through.

  • Step 3

    You can eat this on it's own as a hearty soup or serve over rice, boiled potatoes, or quinoa {which is what I did, we also had bread and butter}.

    mmmmmm good!

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