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Add a Ribbon to it!
I have a very vintage, feminine style so naturally a good bow makes its way into an outfit or two every now and then. I don't have a huge budget to go and buy new accessories every month, so sometimes I have to get creative. And I found that just a simple satin ribbon can take an outfit a long way! I usually just tie mine into a bow under a collared shirt or sometimes leave the ribbon ends dangling, but I thought of how I can use this super cheap piece in other ways.

I have always liked how a ribbon looked threaded through a thick chain, so I thought why not thread it through a crocheted collar as well! So I took a vintage one I found on Etsy for $10, and then threaded the black ribbon through its holes until the two ends could meet and tie into a bow. It was super simple but really updated and transformed my collar!

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You Will Need

  • How to make a collar / bib. Add A Ribbon To It! - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take our crochet collar (or a chain necklace) and thread a satin ribbon through it until you can tie it into a neat bow!

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