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Showing you how to achieve, maintain and care for your brightly coloured hair

Posted by bluehair_Be from Belgium, Wisconsin, United States • Published
  • Step 1

    To achieve bright coloured hair, unless you have platinum blonde hair, you will need to bleach it.
    I started my hair at a mousy blonde colour and bleached it down to an almost white colour, it pretty much resembled the inside of a banana. This was done over two full head bleaches. After the bleaching is done I used Manic Panic Virgin Snow white toner to reduce any of the yellow-ness. I applied this for around 1hr as it's completely chemical free and conditioner based so great for the hair.

  • Step 2

    After this you can pretty much choose any colour you want. They colour I have here is Directions by La Riche in Turquoise, which I actually went to from pink. You put the dye on and leave for a few hours as it's chemical free and conditioner based and you have your bright and beautiful colour.

  • Step 3

    A tip to save money or get a lighter shade is to use a conditioner treatment for hair (not conditioner, I find this too runny) and mix the dye with the treatment and add it to your hair. It's also easier to apply everything when the hair is damp too.

  • Step 4

    Maintaining the colour is easy too.
    Wash with cold water is key, also less washes will help.
    Mix some dye with the conditioner treatment and use this in the shower instead of your conditioner just whilst you wash to give a little refresh of the colour.
    Get some dry shampoo for in between washes.
    For roots, you just bleach them as they come through and pop the dye on top. Bleached hair absorbs the dye better.
    Get colour safe shampoo, but you might have to test different brands to find the one that removes the least colour.

  • Step 5

    Removing the colour can be a little more complicated.
    Different colours are different when it comes to getting the colour out. Some tips to help:
    Vitamin C tablets crushed into your shampoo, leave it on for about 30mins and wash it out. Use an abrasive shampoo like Head and Shoulders (generally antidandruff shampoos) and wash wash wash. If you want to try a bleach bath where you make bleach and then mix it with shampoo that's a less damaging way to bleach the colour out (bit by bit!). It's not recommended to bleach the colour out in one go.

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Anna S.
Anna S. · 13 projects
One question - how do you bleach your roots without your hair turning out green? Because I bleached my hair a while ago and because it became yellow instead of white I used purple, which worked. However, when I bleached my roots I had a hard time just keeping it to my roots and not the rest of the hair and it turned out a light green! Now I have a dark purple, but I want to bleach my roots again. How schould I do it without destroying the color I have in the rest of my hair? Thank you!
Vicious Delicious
Vicious Delicious · Bodegraven, South Holland, NL
go to a professional and get their advice and I would say let your roots be done by a pro for at least one time... if it's just tinted you can try tomato sauce on your green roots.
jen h.
jen h. · Barnard Castle, England, GB
Coat your already coloured hair in coconut oil, leaving out the roots to be bleached. This leaves your colour intact and washes out when you wash the bleach out. Hope this helps !
Topaze D.
Topaze D. · Scunthorpe, England, GB · 3 projects
Value added tip - vosene shampoo (the normal one) works even better than head and shoulders - though you will need to condition afterwards as it strips your hair (leaving it squeaky clean). Bro tip : it also works great on oil stains on your clothes. ;)
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